Tuesday, January 10, 2006


The title for my next blog (one day...)

Between X and Z there is an auspicious position.
Stick around and I'll expound why.
Looking back on the past 4 weeks I can see it's been a very stable period in my life (especially considering the Miss L saga). You'd swear I didn't have a depression problem. All credit to Lamictal. But as my psychiatrist said last visit: things could still be better. So on Saturday I upped the Lamactil from 200g to 250g. Not sure if it's just placebo effect, but damn I've been feeling good since then.


  1. I'm already at 300mg. : (

  2. lamictin's FABULOUS, excpet that it makes me feel dangerously normal. Since my 200mg kicked in properly, not a day goes by without me thinking, "maybe i AM fine and i don't need to meds coz all this is, is just a whole psychiatrist's money-making scheme".
    That's my major conspiracy theory by the way, but its probably just coz i'm sick in the head (",)

  3. Isn't it strange how, all of a sudden, the thought strikes you, "Wow, I feel normal!"

    Kind of scary.

    :* Princess

  4. My partner had a bad episode last night,her psych just upped her lamictin and lowered her epilim,apparently we have to watch for a possible reaction in 2wks?!Scary.


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