Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Dog's on Prozac

Came home from shopping yesterday and found my pillbox lying on the floor in the lounge. Friday's compartment open, but sans a Prozac and 200mg Lamictal.

The culprits were obvious, these 2 dogs eat everything and anything. Especially Socrates the big chap. When he was a puppy he cruised his way thru a grands worth of books and another grand of CDs. Once, while I was doing my M degree in Philosophy at the U of Stellenbosch, he decided to eat Nietzsche's "Thus Spake Zarathustra". Week before, we had been talking in the lecture about how Nietzsche had hated Plato and Socrates. So the next week I took the mangled "Thus Spake Zarathustra"to class and said: "Hey guys, this is what Socrates thinks of Nietzsche". Laughs all round but the fee I had to pay to the library wasn't funny.

I wasn't sure which dog had eaten the pills - Socrates, or Scallywag the little Jack Russel. Definitely couldn't have been Leroy the cat. I was worried - especially if it was Scallywag - she's such a tiny girl that who knows what the fck 20mg of Prozac and 250 of Lamactil would do to her. Mrs M got in a panic too, "Maybe we should take them to the vet?"

Well it's Saturday morning now and all 3 animals are OK. Me, I suspect it was Scally. She was shivering and shaking last night which is exactly what those damn pills do to my hands when I'm sitting in a trendy coffee shop trying not to spill my coffee. Plus - she got up in the night and drank about 2 litres of water. Next thing she'll be needing therapy. Hey, maybe we can go together...

One day left, and I'm outta here for a week. I always start hitting pinks in anticipation before going away. But often I return to blues when I get back to the screwed up system of paying-your-rent-on-earth.


  1. Enjoy the camping trip. I can certainly relate to the "In the pink" status when getting ready to check out of society for a bit. I once stayed on a road trip for nearly 4 years to hold that status.

    See you on your return.


  2. You've given me an idea.
    My Boston Terrier on Lexapro.What a concept.
    Have a nice trip, Guy.

  3. I need a good diet pill for my Fiona. She's getting so large that if her cellulite turns to helium she'll bounce off the ceiling.



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