Friday, April 07, 2006


When I wrote my list of things that ease depression last week, a certain Sage left a comment suggesting that masturbation might help. Sage, by the way, lists one of his interests on his blog profile as "clits (big or small)".

Well whatever blows your hair back Sage. Been there done that. Other than 10 seconds of intense bliss, the depression returns in about the same time it takes for The Main Man to go soft again. In fact, if anything, it leaves me with a kinda empty feeling afterwards. Not that I've off-loaded a ton of Y chromosones (half a ton maybe) but empty nevertheless.

But real sex. That's different. Real live fuckin. That does the trick for me. A good body massage also works. Beg, borrow and steal to get one.

What about the ladies? Does masturbation work for you when you're down? Pray tell us, this is only cyberspace you know... anonymity guaranteed.

Sorry for this. I'm in a wicked frame of mind and realise that some people prefer not to talk about the Master Secret. (a little piece of concrete poetry BPG did a year ago).

Seems like an internal switch flicked in the last 24 hours. Was probably the brisk walk on the beach yesterday. The result: "Pretty Shitty" exited. "In-the-Pink" entered.


  1. 0 sex drive when i'm depressed. does nothing for me.

  2. sometimes - not always- a good rowdy roll in the hay can seem to flip the switch if Im in the process of going down. It can send me back up for a while. Not forever but for a while. If Im already down then probably not. Masturbation>> blah

  3. No, masturbation doesn't do anything when depressed...and not much when not depressed!! :P With a partner is always better...but that doesn't work either when depressed.

  4. why does a man with two wives need to masturbate anyway??

  5. Maybe they like each other a bit more than they do him...good cover. ;)

  6. BTW why do people have to remain hidden in anonymity?
    Yes, the girls are Bi but only rarely together anymore the last 4-5 years. Sex in the house an average 4 times @ week.
    I sleep with legally married wife but affection is shown to both freely. I'll gladly answer any questions. Again not bragging, just our lifestyle.

  7. Didn't say that jacking off was the pancea for down cycle but for a short spell it feels good and mine does last a bit longer than 10 seconds.
    As for Clits, they sure are nice. Many years ago (in the 70's) I was involved in swinging and met a girl with a Clit about length of 4 erasers of average pencils. Great to play with. Don't know what that would be in Metric!!!
    Now if you wish to go into the sex life of this household that is a story unto itself. It is rather unconventional at times as well as straight.
    Til we meet again

  8. Is a penis an oversized clit or is a clitoris a dwarf penis?

  9. The bible says that Eve was made from Adam's rib. My genetics professor said that men were modified females. So a penis would be a huge clitoris, I guess.


  10. bi-polar guy said we girls could remain anonymous - so we did

  11. 'Tis true...a large clitoris is a physical sign of being intersexed.

  12. Masturbation never fails to cheer me up! Ever since I was 6 years old my philosophy has ben "when in doubt, masturbate!!!" Not that sometimes a warm male tongue or that other thing you guys got doesn't feel good but sometimes you just got to make do with what you got if you get my drift.


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