Friday, May 26, 2006


I'm down today. In "Pretty-Shitty" territory. It really shouldn't come as a surprise. The BIG surprise is for how long I've managed to ward the blues off.

Besides the inevitability of hitting downs now and then (I'm BiPolar remember), I think this whole business sale thing has stressed me more than I've shown on the outside. It's starting to open up a whole lot of questions and doubts. Like:

  • If I sell, and my next business idea doesn't work - what then?
  • It's taken me 5 years to finally find a little niche for myself in the career world. It's a unique business which synchs perfectly with my BiPolar lifestyle. Will I find this again?
  • I've got at least another 30 years of work ahead. Is a million bucks worth throwing that away?
  • My business is just starting to pay back - why the heck give someone else the benefit now?

The more I think of it, the more I'm wishing that the life-changing phonecall had never happened. Things were getting on just great.

Ah well, weekend coming up. I'm gonna be doing some research for the BiPolar Carnival which I'll be hosting Saturday week. I've gotten pretty out of touch with my fellow BiPolar bloggers. This, I must admit, was by design. I've finally realised that to wake up every day reminding myself that I'm a BiPOlar sufferer (and spending all my reading time immersed in BiPolar) is not a good thing. Kind of like a cancer patient waking up every day and saying "I've got cancer, I've got cancer, I've got cancer".

But I'm looking forward to getting back in touch on the weekend (providing "Pretty Shitty" doesn't stop me).


  1. We still enjoy living vicariously through you. Don't stop telling the story. Its been a long time since you cycled though.

  2. A successful entrepeneur of my acquaintance told me, "Once you've started a business, you either sell it, or you are buying it for the rest of your life."

    He made a successful career in starting businesses and selling them.

    My own model has been selling services, and you can't sell a business that has you as the primary asset.


  3. Very well put, and I've been feeling that way myself lately. Reading bipolar blogs all the time is exactly as you described - I've been wondering how healthy it is, although I do enjoy every minute of it - your blog is especially enjoyable. :-)


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