Tuesday, October 17, 2006

World class criminals

Never thought I'd be proud of South Africa's crime, but you gotta hand it to this guy - he's, like, out of a movie:

He arrives at a police roadblock with an AK 47 lying on his back seat. The police spot it and he speeds off at a high clip. During the chase he smashes into 4 cars and overturns his own stolen car. Climbs out bleeding, police still hot on his tail, and quickly hijacks another car. (Hijacking of cars is totally normal down here - Mrs M's aunt has been hijacked, as was my best friend (from outide my front gate!). Basically it entails a armed man approaching you at traffic light, pointing a gun at your head and taking your car. If you're lucky they let you get out the car. If not, they take you with in the car, often putting a bullet in your head)

So anyway, our super-hero AK47 toting dude hijacks this second car, and goes roaring off with the police still on his tail. He accidentally screeches down a cul-de-sac, has nowhere to go, breaks down a garden gate, sprints across the lawn and scales a 6 foot fence (don't forget we're talking about a guy that has just had a serious car crash and is presumably still bleeding). Bottom line: "He is still at large".

Man, us South Africans really don't do things in half measures.

Full story here.


  1. okay
    how can you just roll off "hijacking is totally normal here" without a second thought...*laughs*
    zOtl spelled it for u

  2. I guess there's really no advantage in owning a car, sometimes. As for the AK47: are the police sure it was loaded?


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