Friday, December 01, 2006


Ha Ha.
Ha Ha Ha.
Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

They didn't have BiPolars in mind when they coined "Brainstorm". Storm?? Fckn tornado, hurricane, richter 12 earthquake and tsunami!

I should hire myself out as a "Brainstormer" when I'm in this state. 5000 bucks an hour. It would be a bargain. Or maybe I'd work on an incentive basis, 1 buck per good idea. Yeah, that way I'd make about a million an hour.

Just don't ask me to stick to one topic. Not even for one millisecond.
And you'll have to hire the Chinese army to implement the ideas. Probably take them about 11 years.

But you know what....the world would be an INCREDIBLE place...


  1. whatever you do, don't go buying domain names based on them brilliant world changing idea:z!

  2. i've been on a creative manic run for the past 3-4 weeks. feels great to have become expressive again. but i'm neglecting other things... breath deep and stay connected to the earth brother.

  3. BPG should you possibly be reconsidering those antipsychotics hun? you seem to be going up and might wanna see your doctor and get evaluated before you get any higher

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  5. I myself am a little concerned about your state of mind. Usually when you have a good idea you present it very well instead of proclaiming how many great ideas you have. Your thoughts are racing too fast to concentrate on developing any one of them into a fully-fledged idea. Do try to slow them down, and keep yourself grounded. If the anti-psychotics did the trick, perhaps they are necessary again. Remember, you have an impressionable teenager in your home now to consider.

  6. You only need ONE good idea to make a Zillion dollars. A Zillion ideas will make you less than one dollar.

    The trouble with Bipolars and their great ideas is they don't have the focus to make one of them happen because they are too busy being distracted with their Zillion other ideas. By the time they have completed their thoughts on the Zillion ideas they descend into a freefall depression and there is no inclination to make ONE idea happen.

  7. BPguy, go get your fluanxol IMMEADIATLY. I know hypomania isnt too bad and it doesnt cause too much damage but we do NOT want full blown mania


    as you can see i cannot spell.
    right now, call you doctor.


  8. I agree BPguy...
    I've been reading your posts, and have been worrying about you... You feel good now, but I'm worried about later.

    Keep us posted,
    my thoughts are with you.


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