Saturday, December 02, 2006

An ominous sign....

Hey guys thanks for the concern. And I know this is not the kind of answer you want to hear from a hypomanic BiPolar, but here goes anyway: "trust me I'm Ok". I'm monitoring the pulse of this thing. And, believe me it's so tame compared to what I've been through, that it's barely a ripple on the lake's surface.

I had no choice but to ditch the Fluanxol anti-psychotics. My P-doc even went along with the idea. They were killing me. My debt was (is) at the end of its tether, and if the 5 year slump had continued, Mrs M, Miss L and yours truly would have had to sell up and move to rented space. And just imagine how uplifting that would be.

Nah, my only hope is to harness this energy burst, ride it for at least a year or two, and milk it for all its worth. I turned my last business from zero to a real player with 3 years of channeled hypomania. Hey, it was so successful it even freewheeled along on its own momentum for the last 2 years of depression, allowing me to sell it at a cool profit. And this time it will be no different.

But I've got a beeg supply of Flaunxol in the cupboard, and, trust me, the first sign of any demons throwing those notorius "Y s" into my path, and I will slaughter them instantly with about 8 mg.

So now that the preface is out of the way, I just gotta tell you the following story. Just take it with a huge grain of sodium carbonate.

The main reason this little energy burst is nothing to worry about is that the MAJOR telltale sign of more serious stuff up ahead, has always been, and will always be, an uptick in the universe's natural rate of coincidences (as observed by BPG). And a BIG uptick (like a Nike-sized one) in the profundity of the coincidences.

So please understand my concern when a certain email landed on my looking glass yesterday midday:

Important Clues:
3 days ago I post this post on Mensa (the first time I've eva mentioned Mensa in over 380 posts)

Yesterday I write this post titled Brainstorm wherein, Quote:

"I should hire myself out as a "Brainstormer" when I'm in this state."

So, fck-me-gently when I received the following email a cupple hours later. CLUE: look out for my highlights in RED.(hey, you can even skip the other shit if you're as rushed as me)

Hi Everyone

I have been asked by Mensa International to bring Mensa Process to the attention of the members of Mensa South Africa.


The Mensa Process is a new development in Mensa. The IBD has accepted an offer from the Leveraged Marketing Corporation of America (LMCA) to invite Mensa members to participate in brainstorming sessions, which will be conducted by professional facilitators with years of top level experience. These sessions will take place both online and in person. Participants will be involved in product naming and development, and in projecting how life will change in the future. Network panels will be created, grouping Mensans with particular skills or interests, in such areas as: Healthcare,Parenting, Food & Beverage, Information Technology, the Environment,Community Concerns. Mensa Process has now had projects with four major international companies, with Mensans from three countries participating,with excellent results. The Mensa participants enjoyed their discussiongroups and brainstorming.

The Mensa Process will engage Mensa members in the creative application of their outstanding asset, the use of their brainpower. And, they will be paid to participate - Mensa Process is a business. Take a look at the Mensa Process Website ( ) and see what you think. Work and play with other Mensa members. Be creative. Have fun."


Well thank the Gods I'm not gonna spin out on this one. Been the selfish, capitalist, materialist pig that I am, I rushed to the said website to check out payment rates. Ha fckn Ha. If you lucky you might win a prize - movie tickets or maybe (if you're real lucky) an Ipod. Or free flights to the next International Mensa get2gether. YeeeeHaaaaa!!!!

OK, this wouldn't be so bad if it was all for NGO's. But NO, it's for "major international companies" (3rd paragraph, second-to-last sentence.) Stinking corporate plunderers!!! They must be counting on Mensans having zero street-smart. And Mensans are challenged in certain departments - just ask Kodeureum who has been scouting the world's public urinals.

So anyway, like I was saying, this lil coincidence didn't even register on the radar. Now if they'd been paying 1000 bucks an hour, (hey, even 50 bucks an hour would do) I woulda been quaking in my sandals about the implications of such a too-good-to-be-true coincidence. Too much "too-good-to-be-true" and invariably it's not true, just the delusions of some other notorius state of perception. Been there, Fck that.

PS Maybe we should start a BiPolar Brainstorm think-tank and hire ourselves out to plundering corporates. Only we'll charge a fair rate (we're not suckers like the Mensans!)


  1. on your "brainstorm" post I should say as a bipolar person I have faced this racing moods before but not as tense as wrote "Just don't ask me to stick to one topic. Not even for one millisecond."
    Ideas , completely out of your control to stick to or stop them, comes in your mind and suddenly start racing with eachother in a very high speed , like when zillions of flies start flying together, even then,inspite of that you can not stick and catch one specific fly but you can get whichever comes in your hand, now my question is:
    "when these zillions of ideas rush into your mind and start racing and being created and doubled like bacterias cloniong, is it possible to pick a pen and start to write two or three remining and notice words about as much as ideas you can ,and refer to and complete them when your mind calms down?"
    can you remeber some of those ideas later or you forget them all after a short time?
    will be thankfull to get your answer or any other's who have such an experience.

  2. Well thanks for the link, I guess. I haven't really been scouting but I do find that a quick cursory glance through the open door, especially at highway rest stations, helps GENTLEMEN like myself avoid dropping in unexpectedly on the LADIES. As for MENSA and WOMENSA, POINTERS and SETTERS is really a better joke. Sorry.

    For any curious souls out there, the usual distinction here in South Korea is NAM and YO. Here's a hint: go with the anagram.

  3. Have you checked out

    Maybe you could try that for some extra cash lol

  4. you do seem a tad zoomy there, take care.


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