Thursday, November 17, 2005

33 Hours and Counting...

I'm on the gum now. God, it tastes shit! Does nicotine really taste like this??

Thanx blog-posters for the words of encouragement - they mean a lot.

Any notion of mental focus is totally absent today. So my business will be written off AGAIN. But I figure that even if I had to take 2 weeks off work to get this nicotine monkey off of my back - it'd be worth it. Just did a little calculation of how much bucks I'll save in the long run, and guess what: this'll be the best paid vacation I ever took.

As to project DOG (which came up from an observant blog-poster yesterday) it's not on the radar at present. That's just part of being BiPolar I guess. Unfinished projects, unfinished books, unfinished websites...

It all starts when "In-the-Pink" and "Yeehaa!" get all these INCREDIBLE ideas, and then the team that has to implement them consisits largely of "Pretty Shitty" and "Got-a-Gun?" It just cannot fly.

Seriously though, BiPolar Guy has been buried neck-deep in business lately, trying to stave off the inevitable forced-sale of the house. My cashflow forecasts indicate that this horrendous event should come to pass by approx. next June. So it's a case of:


(note to my good friend the mad genius z0tl - Bro, I hope you take time to contemplate this tautology. I'm getting concerned about you man. And I know it's fun to be up there, I know you get pissed off with every moron that can't understand that, but any of thus that fly too close to the sun are gonna just land up with a pile of melted wax).

chew, chew, chew. Let that warm, friendly nicotine seep into my blood stream.



HELP!!!! This is getting so damn difficult. Somebody say it gets better after 72 hours? And where the fuck does it peak? Right now I'm heading into rockier terrain with every passing hour. Went for a 7km power walk on the beach with the dogs earlier, trying to get this pace-a-lot syndrome out of my body. Not working.

The only thing I've got left going for me know is obstinacy. BiPolar Guy has one mean stubborn streak, and I'm not going to budge on this one. SCREW all you NICOTINE DEMONS, you can flap around my head as much as you like


  1. hey, man, hope your quest to give up the smokes works out. don't worry too much about me, man, when i get high, i don't have time to post at all, because i'm having so much more fun in the real wxrld...

    so, as long as i post, i'm A ok :)

    thx for your concern, tho, it warms my heart to know people care about me.

  2. Sleeping next to the sixth wheel of the Ratel, that's where I learnt to smoke, waiting for hell and the day to come.

    The sound of the brake exhaust vibrates within me to this day.

    To stop smoking you must exhale.

  3. You can do it BPG, don't give up!
    We're all with ya in this!!

    Thanks for checking out my blog yesterday, you've probably been my first visitor since it's been up :)


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