Sunday, November 13, 2005

Branding Americans Idiots

At the outset I swore never to make this a political Blog, and I'm a firm Beleiver that every person is entitled to their own view. And that pledge has not changed. But, being South African, I had a little insight this morning which I feel is worth sharing:

Sitting down here on the Southern tip of Africa we get an outside view of the US that most Americans are not privy too. And the perception of America to the outside world is not looking good. Probably the worst it's ever been. Thanks 100% to that arrogant Bush-man sitting in the Whites-Only House.

As a result there is a disturbing trend in the developing world to brand all Americans as enemies. The logic goes something like this: "Hey, you guys voted Cheif Idiot in, so you're ALL to blame."

But this is a grossly unfair generalisation, and as a white South African I am qualified to speak. Back in the Apartheid days, every white South African was branded a fascist racist too. Admittedly, the majority of white people in this country DID vote the Apartheid leaders in, and I am not, for one second, tring to excuse them. BUT: there were other white South Africans who were violently opposed to the system (including, incidentaly, BiPolar Guy). In fact it was largely these activists, along with the millions of oppressed blacks, that finally convinced the white government to peacefully hand over power to the majority in what must be the greatest act of reconciliation in world politics in the last 100 years.

So we've still got faith in you Non-Bush Americans, and hopefully when the next presidential elections come round you guys will convince the majority not to beat-around-the-Bush, but make a wiser choice next time.


  1. if it makes you feel any better, i'm a republican and i think bush is the biggest goddam idiot there ever was and i wish gore (even tho he wasn't all that great by any measure) would've won back in the day.

    also, i hope you know that 1st time bush won (against gore) it was the biggest controversy ever in U.S. Presidential elections and he ended up winning WITHOUT winning the majority vote. i'm not getting into the details of how voting works in U.S., but it is possible to WIN with less than 50% of the votes! and that is how Bush was elected to office in 2000.

    even in 2004 against kerry, he won by a very tiny margin, so america is pretty much divided in half between republicans/democrats.

    i say it's high time for 3rd party to come to power. that of course, without a doubt, is TIP :) :) :)

    hey, your pic is coming up soon in that humongous "What do I look like?" thread. cheer:z

    ps: sorry, doesn't look like i'll get to your book anytime soon, i'm having major tip addiction problems lately, since these guys empties and chaos started showing up... it's been a total riot.

    you should recheck that top 10 ways to tell you're manic thread, awesome stories lately :)

  2. I see your point about how people might generalize that all Americans are Bush lovers. But I hate Bush and always have. Things are so bad that I think the only people who still like him are in serious denial and/or have special interests which have nothing to do with the welfare of the country or the world.

    As far as the elections, I just read some very disturbing news re; voting irregularities in the last election, and another about how intelligence warnings about 9/ll were ignored repeatedly.

    Our prez's approval rating is at an all-time low, but it still amazes me that anyone could still support him at this juncture--particularly with the revelations coming out day after day about what a fiasco this administration was and is.

  3. We didn't really vote him in, you know.

    Yeah, I know that makes it worse, but it's all I've got.


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