Tuesday, November 01, 2005

High Powered Business Meeting

So last week this leading financial institution contacts me about advertising on my website (no definitely not www.theWORDproject.com, my other seriously conservative site). So I say Yeah!, and try and convince them to do the whole thing over email. Nope, they have to send this high-powered woman to see me, probably to check that I'm not some BiPolar dude operating from a Garden Cottage.

Eeek! I panic. In the screwed up salesman days I would have told them "Hey, I'll be right in your area tomorrow, why don't I drop in to see you". Then I would have put a jacket and tie on, together with the seriously high-powered dude mask, and averted them to coming to see me.

But you know what? I thought f**k it! Like it or Lump you snotty bunch of weasels.

So Madam chief scout arrives at BiPolar guy's garden cottage yesterday afternoon, and we get down to business. One shouldn't prejudge these things. The lady turned out to be really genuine and friendly, even dropped her guard after a while and confided in in me "off the record" that she HATES the corporate life. Feels like a goddam prison she says. Can't wait to get out. And how lucky I am to be working here from my Garden Cottage.

Hopefully I'll get the deal.


Today's a much lower day than yesterday. Struggling to keep my focus on work. But I'm pressing on. Trying to, anyway...


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  2. is jesus psychotic? maytreia know:z but you must stop by tip junction to find out more :)

  3. At least you're at work. This is the second day that I've stayed home in bed. I feel like crap but I could have probably forced myself to go in. The depression is keeping me in bed


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