Monday, November 14, 2005

A visit to the psychiatrist

Went for my routine psycho visit today. Nothing serious - just to renew my 6 month med script. Actually I could've just phoned for the renewal but I make a point of going - its kinda like an insurance policy. Who knows when Dr R. will be presiding over me in a hospital ward. She's a new shrink for me and, should the day come, I'd rather she know me (and me her) than just be a few pages of scribbled text on a clipboard.

I didn't go with any plan in mind to change my meds - if it's not broke, why fix it? - but she convinced me that things could still be even better (read between the lines: things ARE still broke) . I'm still getting a 2 day slump every 2 weeks or so and Lamactil has made things so much better this year that a little more can't hurt. Besides, I'm only on 200mg at the mo, so upping to 250mg shouldn't be a big deal.

But you gotta be on your guard with psychiatrists. They're way to eager to chop and change your medication - a little experiment here, a little experiment there - problem is: they're experimenting with your life.

I told her about TIP, by the way, so tipsters: be vigilant. (although after what happened to Dr.Tam on TIP, I reckon she'll be a permanent lurker).

Hey, I just thought: wonder what other lurkers are out there voyeuring us lunar ticks. Think about it - it could be better than reality tv - spying on REAL lunar ticks in REAL conversations. Can anyone think of a better formula for a reality show??

Bit low today, kind of walking around half-asleep and feeling slightly dizzy for some reason...


  1. mah man Y, as much as you're a sharpie & distinguished mensa groupie, you will always be a step behind tip madness :)

    check out 2nd post in this old thread:

  2. already man, finally got around to portray you in that big phat thread of pix at tip. enjoy!

  3. hey, thx 4 posting pix & all. i just wanted to make sure you realize that i would nevah evah give anyone the cheating method i used to get around your secret:z:) and anytime you'd like to know how i did it, so perhaps you can prevent other clever ones from doing it, just ask and i'll email you detail:z!

    honestly, if i would ever consult crystal ball:z i think i'd see a bright future for you and i, at least in terms of, should you ever want to play a visionary role there :)

    and i too have my eye:z on .com or .movie:z (in collaboration w/ captain chaos who indeed is connected very high up into the movie industry and working on real scripts as we speak).

    remember! we do not want to become poster children of bipolar "affliction" - we do not want to necessarily raise bipolar dough and come across as superxmen of the bipolar field. what we want is to show we ARE bipolar and can do everything we goddam want AND BETTER!

    that's the idea. that being said, TIP retreat centers would be awesome as well :) i betcha $1 you'd love to fly over and spend 3 weeks going apeshit among other TIP apeshit:z :) :) :) without having to worry about thorazine and haldol involved in the process.

    much love to you. happy to have "randomly" run into you :)


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