Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Next Book

For a long time now my dream has been to write a second book. But, like all book-writing dreams, I never stop procrastinating until tomorrow.

After my last psychotic episode in May this year, I believed that I had amazing stuff to write about. So I sat down and wrote Chapter One. And forgot to write Chapter Two, Chapter One joining the hundreds of other Chapter Ones lying rotting in: My Documents>Books.

But since starting this blog I've been reminded how much I love writing. It has also helped to discipline my writing - every day, a few paragraphs. So I had this wild idea, which I'm hoping will kickstart my book back to life: Start another Blog. Here it is (with cut-and-pastes from the blog itself):

My 2nd book, taking shape before your eyes. It's about my last little trip into severe Mania-land earlier this year. Psychotic or not, I discovered some mind-blowing coincidences concerning God, reality, mysticism and irrational numbers. I challenge you to ascribe these solely to chemical imbalances in my head. DESPERATE FOR FEEDBACK!

Conventional author wisdom has it that a writer should not talk about work that s/he is busy with. I’m turning this on its head. I don’t have any pre-conceived idea where this book is going. It could go in a zillion different directions. I intend running various polls on this blog during the writing process, and hope to shape the book according to the feedback you guys put in. Once finished we’ll finalise the vote on what to name the book and I’ve already got an editor & publisher lined up. So: HAVE YOUR SAY!

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  1. Chris, try the concept that we are shamans. The god in you was a mere projection of your gift within.

    The religious debate amongst bipolars is huge. Our religious experiences are vast but pure and central to who we are.

    We are bipolar and therefore shamans. Simple .


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