Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Havoc in Africa (no longer a joke)

Presently I'm sitting at an internet cafe. I had to rush here so as to avoid the next power cut. My own DSL is down - the power cuts knocked out the telcom co.

A couple days ago I said the power cuts were cool, downtime was good and candlelight was good for the soul. No longer! This is getting fckn serious. And we're told it's likely to go on for the next 6 months.

The genuis who was responsible for this brilliant forward planning, CEO of the electricity company, awarded himself a 4 million performance bonus last year. This country is rapidly falling apart.

Don't get me wrong, I am supremely proud of the political strides my country has made, but the country's infrastructure is descending into Banana Republic chaos. Fast.

So once again we get the ol' world atlas out and start looking for greener pastures. This is a regular South African activity (certainly for those that have the financial means to emigrate). So I'm not new to it. The favourite destinations of the millions of South Africans that have emigrated are:

  • Australia
  • the UK
  • New Zealand
  • the USA
  • Canada

(more or less in that order)

Personally, I hate Australia. I don't want to go into reasons here lest I alienate some readers, but let's just say Australia is not on BP Guy's Options List.

The UK? Well I already lived in London for 2 years. Don't think I'd like it again.

If I had the choice I'd move to the US. Problem is, it's not at all easy to get a green card. Especially since 9/11. So any attempt to get into the US is always "iffy" and "butty", which is particularly stressful when you're planning the rest of your life.

So me, I think I'd settle for Canada. British Columbia appeals to me - Vancouver Island. Just across the Bay from Seattle. Never been to Seattle, but I visisted San Fransisco, and I really like the West Coast vibe.

So yesterday I ordered my Canadian Immigration Guide from Amazon. But like I said, I been down this road many times before. In all likelihood I'll be sitting in Cape Town in 5 years time cursing that the Power Station (which is presently "not working") is on the verge of nuclear melt down. Yes - it is a damn Nuclear power station! And with forward planning and maintenance of this calibre - a nuclear meltdown in Cape Town, South Africa is not inconceivable. You saw it here!

Anyhow, I flew my kite on the beach this morning (something I've been threatening to do for 5 years now) so:



  1. Wow. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a situation where something we take for granted is so out of control. Me, I go nuts if the Internet is down for an hour.

    Still, it looks like you're taking everything that has been thrown at you lately in stride. Keep it up.

  2. No problems with the internet out here in Australia. What do you hate about us anyway?

  3. You might find Perth pleasant, but as a Canadian let me inform you about Vancouver, weather-wise. People tend to leave Toronto and move to Vancouver because they want to get away from the snow. They move back to Toronto because they're sick of all the rain. If you like skiing and are looking for a currently booming resource-based economy to tap into, I'd suggest Calgary. If it's pristine beaches and a lot of personal down-time, I suggest Prince Edward Island.

  4. Come join us in the US BPguy!! My sis' husband immigrated here from South Africa.

  5. Yeah, come to the US! I'm in St. Louis

  6. Hate is a strong word. As an Aussie myself I've travelled a lot and could never say I hated a place. Hope it's nothing to do with rugby or cricket :)

    Have lots of South African friends in Western Australia. I couldn't live there as its much to hot. New Zealand is a beautiful place.
    Lived in Canada fifteen years. West Coast is great, so is the Rockies. I lived in a place called Kimberley right in the Rockies and minutes fron a ski hill. Great life style.
    How ever kodeurum is right as well.
    Just goes to show nowheres perfect, same as humans.

  7. Come on over, Bipolar Guy, we really would love to have you! As a U.S. citizen on the East coast, I dream of being out West, since I was born out there, had great visits back and my wedding out there last year was fantastic. If I got sick of being out West, I'd really consider Canada myself. The thing about the U.S. is that its a big country and once you get a feel for what kind of weather, traffic and such that you like and can handle you have many choices.
    Sorry to hear about the power problems. It's funny, candles are a bit of big business here, mostly for aromatic qualities, but I can't imagine our whole country shutting down powerwise and having to depend on them. There would be a BIG beef immediately if that lasted for any amount of time. So glad you got to a powered cafe though. It's good to see you in the pink.

  8. I'm in the US, but Canada is, on the whole, a very cool place. The people are friendly, open, and accepting, and it seems to be more liberal than the states have become, and that's attractive.

  9. Yeah, government fucks up and there is a revolution. Private industry fucks up and they lay off employees and give the CEO a bonus.


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