Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Awakening

So I went into this large bar, parts of which were still under renovation. There must have been about 30 dudes hanging out in the bar. They all checked me out, hostility evident. But I stayed on, listened to some music, and did a little tour of the place.

The hostility got worse with a few guys taunting me. But something deep inside told me that they weren't real. I told them so: "you guys aren't real, I can make you disappear at any time." I had this hunch you see.
"Listen to the little fcker", came the retort, "Should be locked up in a looney bin".
So I punched that guy, in the face, and he went reeling off his barstool. A whole bunch of the other guys circled me and started moving in. It was getting shit scary. My hunch was still there, but I was not convinced. I was taking a huge gamble, if I messed up I was dead meat.

As they got about 2 foot away, I took the gamble. "Awake!" I cried...and woke up with a jump lying in my tent, Mrs M to the left of me, Miss L and friend a couple of feet away. I had made them dissapear. They weren't real.

This dream, 3 nights ago has to rate as one of the most symbolic and important dreams I've ever had. A millimeter for mankind, but a huge leap for BP Guy. This could be the turning point I've been awaiting for 20 years.

I'll have to go into a bit of explanation, calling on some Jungian dream analysis in the process.
But first I need one last test. And that's going to take place next Wednesday. The first 2 tests have been affirmative, all that is needed now is the final affirmation.

There's a lot to say about this latest development. But it's gonna have to wait a while. As predicted, BPG is in "Pretty-Shitty" territory right now - back home after a fantabulous holiday.


  1. I liked your blog. Will visit more often.

  2. I'm glad you had a great holiday. It's pretty cool that you can take control of your dreams like and I am looking forward to hearing more bout this mystery you are alluding to. Hope you feel better soon


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