Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Future: Good Case Scenario

<= Last night our fireplace saw it's first flames of the year, with winter starting to wriggle in down here in the Southern hemisphere.

What better than to huddle up to a good fire and peer out into what kind of future you want. Things have gone so well for me of late, that a good case scenario is looking increasingly possible.

Here's what it entails:

  1. My business continues picking up and within 2 years I'm making a decent living once again. The rewards keep my motivation and dedication levels strong and continuous.
  2. The extra income knocks down the debt. Gives us some room to manouevre again. Releases the stress, worry and bleak future.
  3. I buy a new car for Mrs M to go to town everyday and back - automatic, powersteering the whole shebang.
  4. Miss L settles in even better than she has, makes lots of really nice friends, does well at school.
  5. I finally keep the discipline of walking every day on the beach. 50 brisk minutes come rain, sun or sleet. Get lean and mean like the ol' days.
  6. I continue with daily meditation (managing to finally tuck my feet inside my thighs).
  7. We start doing some travelling again. Give Miss L that trip to London I always promised her. Maybe another trip to Mauritius. Mrs M and I get to see Nepal and China. And a slow drive from LA to Seattle up the Pacific Highway.
  8. I get that new laptop I've been planning for years, with 24/7 wireless broadband, so I can run my business from anywhere in the world (which I then do).
  9. We get to go to more good restuarants, like 3 or 4 times a week.
  10. We go see great movies the minute they come out, rather than wait for them to hit the DVD store.
  11. Our families stay healthy, happy and safe.
  12. The South African economy continues booming, unemployment and poverty are slashed and crime levels come right down.

Is that unrealistic to ask for?? I bet most people's wish lists look a whole lot more extravagant than that.

Things are feeling so good this week that right now it looks like those damnfuck downs are a thing of the past. But I'm not gonna be foolish here. And when the next one does hit I'll write "The future: Bad Case Scenario".


  1. you know, i never thought about the fact that winter was just coming for you..i guess that's part of what some of us here in the states ignore - the cycle of seasons depending on which hemisphere you live in. i tend to forget that not everyone is in the deep chill at the same time chicago is. =)

    i've always found that fireplaces were automatically associated with deep thinking for me. there's something about watching the way the flames dance that puts me in a meditative state...

  2. Gen beat me to the punch!!! Like your list and understand your wish for wireless broadband as those of us that short ourselves in one spot to have it forget how nice ir really is to sit in the Livingroom with TV and Blog on my Laptop. Hope you get your shortly.


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