Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Ultimate Gadget

We think we're so damn clever, cutting edge and advanced with our iPods, ipacs, latest cell phones etc. But I gaurantee ya that in 5 years time we'll look back on 2006 and realise how friggin' archaic things are right now.

Take what I gotta lug around on my person every day: Mp3 player, cell phone, digital camera, digi dictaphone. I can't be without any of these. The reason for the camera is I need to take pics with half-decent specs, not this micky mouse shit that comes bundled with your cell. The reason I need a dictaphone is that "In-the-Pink" has so many brilliant ideas popping into his head (at all hours of the day) that he just has to save them somewhere (and FAST). And it absolutely HAS TO be a ONE CLICK dictaphone, not one of these 50 click pieces of crap that come bundled with your other standard gadgets.

So I'll only be happy on the day that I get ONE small device that:

  • Is a fully functional cell phone
  • Can surf the net on a WIDE screen. It doesn't have to be a high screen, just wide enough to see the whole width of the webpage (unlike these little iPac PDA screens that can only see a quarter of the width of the webpage - a recipe for total rage)
  • A decent camera: 12 times optical zoom (forget the digi zoom con), image stabiliser, 4 mgpx, what you see in the viewer is what YOU REALLY GET.
  • A one click dictaphone that can save memos in sortable files
  • A 20gig mp3 player
  • removable memory sticks

Throw in a universal remote control that can control all my other appliances and I'd be happy. GPS would be nice too. And the thing MUST be tiny, like one of today's smaller cell phones, I'm not looking for a laptop.

Oh and, manufacturers of the future, don't forget to bundle a pocket airconditioner into this smart gadget, together with a coffee percolator.


  1. LMAO- Im sorry - I know I have an odd sense of humor BUT I just have to say this. You COULD just carry a pad and pencil. Then you could write what you think as soon as you think it, sketch what you see and sing to yourself. You know like in the days before technology ever existed? (Raines walkes off giggling to herself, wondering if anyone other than herself will see the humor in this)

  2. I'm glad someone else feels the same way! I tell my sudents I'll get a cell phone when there's one that can make coffee. Until then I'm having my secretary screen all my calls. (Actually, I don't have a secretary either. Perhaps one day...)

  3. Cell Phones have become a necessity and no one can imagine a life without them.

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