Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Podcasts and Bipolar

Now it's podcasts. Man, these things are incredible. Just one more reason for me to get that 60gb iPod. Here's why they're so awesome, especially if you're BiPolar:

  • My moods aren't scheduled like a radio station. Just cos the DJ is feeling upbeat, or the Talk Host is feeling morbid, doesn't mean I am too. With podcasts I can download a whole bunch of totally different stuff and match my own mood and contents.
  • Listening to Podcasts is much more mobile than watching video or tv. Ok so everyone's buzzing about handheld video devices but for me personally IT's ALWAYS BETTER ON THE BIG SCREEN. Handheld video is just totally overrated. Who the fck wants to watch anything on a 4 inch screen??
  • I can listen to podcasts while I'm driving and sitting in traffic. No can do with video.
  • When you're feeling really blue and not up to reading, TV etc. you can just lie in bed and switch up your podcast. Somehow it just seems less effort than watching TV. Hey, you can even close yr eyes. And if the podcast is related to your industry you can even put it down to a productive day!
  • Because it's so dang easy to make a podcast these days, there are 1000s around catering for every little nich you might imagine. Granularity delux. Listen to EXACTLY what interests you.

Hey, I'm even toying with the idea of dovetailing a "BiPolar Weekly" podcast with this blog. Then you'all can listen to my weird South African accent rather than sit reading this text to yrselves from the friggin cmptr screen. Much more cosy don't u think?


  1. You might have a point there. See you around.

  2. I think African Accents are way cool!! I would love to hear it , tho I dont have an I-pod


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