Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The power of ISH

This blog has not always been titled "BiPolar Daily(ish)".
For most of it's life it was just "BiPolar Daily". And then I hit a patch where I wanted to forget about BiPolar for a while and was finding it detrimental to post everyday. So the usual dilemma popped up:

Stop the blog OR carry on the blog.

You know, the usual dichotomy stuff. Eventually I settled on adding an "ISH" to the title and thereby took all pressure off myself to post everyday. Best thing I ever did. Compromise. Avoid the extremes. Fck the Either/Ors.

If only I could add a few "ISH"s to other things in my life. Like I'm not really depressed, just depressed(ish),
financialy strained(ish),

Somehow it would seem like a totally better(ish)  world.


  1. I was hoping that by now someone would come up with a definitive guide to happiness.

    Perhaps BFG is providing guidance via is hankering after his youthful carefree freedom? Followed by his better state of current existance with his "ish" list?

  2. at least you aren't angry(ish), confused(ish),old(ish)OH YAY! hopefully you find yourself as i do sometimes talented(ish) and
    hopeful(ish), not to mention creative(ish). and i don't think this even comes close to being funny(ish), sadly(ish)...

    oh. and the poem slow spin reconfigs are nice.
    thanks for making them.

  3. This ism, that ism, ism ism ism.


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