Thursday, November 02, 2006


Feel like a giant octopus wrapped me up in its tentactles, sucked every drop of energy out of me, and then spat me up on the rocks. Even the reserve tank is empty.

Just getting here, to the cmptr from bed, was a major mission. ENERGY, people, is where it's at. Energy, I have come to realise, is the liquid gold that drives this puzzling life.
But unlike petrol (gasoline), you canno' buy it, no matter how friggin high the oil price is. No, it's one of those self-contained systems where you gotta manufacture your own. And when your manufacturing plant goes haywire - you're on yer own mate. The pDocs can fiddle around amongst the cogs and wires, but energy-manufacture is still the holy-grail. And Dan Brown hasn't solved it yet.

The whooshing sound of critical deadlines whizzing by is deafening. Can't even hear my music any more.

Ah fck. One good thing about this island though - new weather will blow in within a day or 2. It better, or this whole goddam factory is gonna shut down.


  1. I know how those days are Bipolar Guy. And you really said it, in how we end up being our own first mate. More and more I am thinking that the enourmous extra burden of juggling this illness with all the same issues as normies is unbelievably unfair. I'm coming to grips with it and really, it just makes me angry. I don't want to bring you down, because I know that very soon you will recoup your energy and be feeling much better.

  2. It is strange how I have been investigating renewable energy this past week. Even before the Monday headlines in the UK, "We are all Doomed", unless we do something now to prevent global warming. Small wind turbines are a realistic option now for the home. However, they are not going to help you unless you know a personal source of renewable energy. Does the sun work on the solar cells in your brain or the unusual principle of inputting energy in aerobic exercise and receiving more back?

  3. Why not go for a nice healthful jog along that beach while contemplating how Mr. Botha's passing was just something that was bound to happen and how remarkable Mr. Mandela really is.

  4. actually I did used to "buy energy" til I realized I was making some really BAD choices and making my self somewhat psychotic and pretty much messing up my life that way........also I have a tendancy to get manic and get married when on "bought energy" so I dont do that anymore....... I hope you feel better soon BPG


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