Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year (and some X rated stuff)


Right, now that that is out of the way, onto the juicy stuff...

I finished 2006 reading Vox by Nicholson Baker. Vox is a novel of the erotica genre, and what makes it particularly auspicious is that it was reportedly given to Monica Lewinsky as a gift by a certain Mr Bill Clinton.

Besides the odd "naughty read" when I was a teenager, I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to the erotica genre. And the only reason Vox has been lying on my bookshelf all these years is that I read another of Nicholson Baker's books "The Size of Thoughts", which I enjoyed.

Well...I was pleasantly surprised. Well written erotica opens a whole new dimension to the sex game. It is a lot more sophisticated than your standard bump and grind X rated video stuff. Don't get me wrong, I get as visually turned on as any other red-blooded male, but after reading Vox, I must say that regular pornographic fare seems to become boring and neanderthal in comparison.

The best scene is where a woman gets stuck in a hole in a wall between 2 rooms, so that her bottom half is pointing out the one way and her top the other. (this, by the way, is the woman in questions own fantasy, not a male concocktion). It is what she really wants to happen to her. Luckily, there happen to be 2 painters in the "back" room, and one painter in the front. The paint is warm from the sun and the painters are gently rolling their rollers up and down the walls... they haven't noticed Mrs stuck yet. But soon they do and... You'll have to read the original for the real McCoy, Mr Baker is a far better eroticeer than I. So even if you sneak down to your local library, withdraw the book, and just read this scene, it will be worth it. (Pgs 79 to 84, to be precise)

A friend of mine's girlfriend once said "A man must fuck my mind before he fucks my body". She would have approved of Vox. The mind, Vox confirms, is an essential (and mostly underutilised) ingredient in the fucking ritual.

Having devoted much of the past few years to "self-discovery" and "the inner journey", I'm thinking that knowing your own sexual fantasies and quirks is a major portion of the "the self". What particular things works for you, what doesn't. These things define YOU. A lot of people don't go there enough. They get scared by their own depravities, not realising that deep down these "depravities" are a critical part of the human condition.

OK so this post isn't really X-rated, but what I'm trying to say is that I'd really recommend giving erotica a try (or whirl if you would prefer). And no, I'm not some kind of kinked-out perv. I mean how much damage can sitting reading a novel really do???

Anybody out there who can recommend my next erotica novel outing?


  1. Happy New Year!

    I remember when 'Vox' came out. And actually when I read your post I confused it with another book called 'The Fermata.' They may be by the same author, but 'Fermata' is about a man who finds a way to stop time. Of course it doesn't take long before he decides to start fiddling around with women's clothes while they're frozen. I haven't read the book, but it might prove interesting.

    I like the title, as from a musical standpoint it means 'a sustained rest.'

    By the way, it won't be New Years here in the states for another ten minutes...but why not start celebrating now!

  2. YAPPY HEW NEAR to you too!!! LOLOL I'll look for that book but I doubt I'll find it in our library- I'll probably have to get it at a bookstore.

  3. Ok... nice visuals... I am a visual person.......... Happy New Years and may you continue to enjoy the suspension of reality.........

    I'd like to watch the two painters in the one room......... hehehe...


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