Sunday, April 01, 2007

Has BiPolar made you a stronger person?

I've decided to put this old poll of mine out to pasture. (It used to sit in the right hand bar)

Interestingly, I personally was in the minority on this one. Has BiPolar made me stronger?

I Can't make this decision.

(depends how you measure it...)


  1. better than normal
    thinking in a bell curve kind of way

    where IS z? did he go offrail?
    do you know? or off surfing hawaii?
    or so serene boy buddha that he hasn't got up yet to talk to us.(then again not buckets of words here thusly i have not a leg to stand on either, but serene isn't my nom de arte ) more like legless...

  2. ok i know its stupid but you know what, when i took that poll i was feeling low and then if i took it today i'd prolly mark something different which brings me to a question:how reliable are these polls... for bipolars i mean.

  3. Stronger, no. But more knowledgeable in different ways. Most importantly, it's given me an appreciation of what others may be facing, and has helped to make me more compassionate and understanding.


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