Friday, May 18, 2007

Tweeting on Twitter.

I succumbed. I swore that I already spent too much of my life online, and that joining Twitter would be a bad, bad idea.

But in the meantime I've been following all the hype. Steve Ruebel, author of one of my favourite RSS feeds can't get enough of Twitter.

And then I heard Ev, the genuis behind Twitter, been interviewed by Amber Mac and Leo Laporte on my favourite tech podcast. It turns out that Ev was the guy who originally started Blogger. And then sold it to the big G. And what he had to say was very interesting:

When people first look at Twitter, their reaction is: "who the fck would want to do that? Post little one-liners to a website all day long?" But Ev was also there at the beginning of blogging. And you know what: when blogging first started everybody said: "who the fck would want to do that? Post a few paragraphs to a website every day?"

Yip, I reckon Twitters gonna be the next big thing. And their awesome widget (see top of my right bar) slots right into your blog, so its not EITHER blog OR Twitter. They complement each other big time. Tweeting is just the micro-version of Blogging.

Only problem: Twitter is taking off so thundering fast that their servers are taking strain. And also - a few clones have already popped up. Who wants to bet that the Big G will be talking to Ev soon?

SO: If you've got a Twitter account hook up with me
And if you don't got a Twitter account, well you're a fckn twi....


  1. Sounds cool, but frankly the last thing I need is another reminder of my lack of life.

  2. well lissn up since you get all woodies over biz ideas and mebbe thinking in terms of VC dough and gazillions over night isn't much more helpfool than buying lottery tix, perchance uncommonbusiness.blogspot is another addicktion for you?

    because you know, most of that stuff is happening here, mebbe you can clone it there?

  3. I couldn't help noticing that your previous posts are now conspiciously absent from your first page.

    What's up with that?

  4. try facebook next... hey you hallucinate right??? or are you only delusional??

  5. go ronaldhino! but ronaldo is phat & way sloooooooow now, mebbe putting him on wellbutrin would do something?

  6. Every creature's a little twitterpated in spring. Even Bambi.


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