Monday, July 23, 2007

RSS recommended

So if you still want to follow this blog, I'd really recommend getting an RSS reader (if you haven't already). Blogs that post daily(ish) are fine to pop into every day or 2, but if they only post sporadically, as is likely going to be the case here, you'll soon get pretty tired of checking in to find no changes.

SOLUTION: RSS. Get yourself a free reader. There's lots out there. Personally I'd recommend Google Reader ( its clean, functional and FREE. Once you've got it it's a breeze to subscribe to any blog, just one click on the orange RSS button on the right of the URL address bar, and you're good to go. Result: you needn't come visit BPE from time to time - when I post it'll come straight to yr inbox. You'll NEVER look back (trust me, I'm a BiPolar)

Man, emigrating must be one of the biggest upheavals you can do. Apparently moving house is right up there on the Stressful Events scale (second to a "close one dying") so what is moving house, moving job and moving continents?

Plenty, plenty organising to do. Most of it is gonna fall on my shoulders, as there is no way Mrs M is able to do it, with her full-time job. I'm actually looking forward to it. For once it justifies my not having a regular job. One of the big things - Project "Sell House". YeeeFKNhaaaa! No more debt! And this way I don't get to feel shitty about losing my dream house. My dream house is no longer in this country. It's on my little green Island in the South Pacific.

@ kodeureum . Yeah. The All Blacks (New Zealand) rugby team has always been my 2nd favourite team. Unfortunately I'm still with the Springboks (South Africa) at this stage. It's gonna be mighty interesting in the next 6 weeks when the rugby World Cup kicks off in France. Most pundits have billed a Springbok vs. All Black final. Sheeesh, that's gonna be pretty schizophrenic to me.

@Anonymous. Miss L, is coming with. Well, let's put it this way: she wants to come with to NZ, we want her to come with and her entire family wants her to come with. Save one. The only "person" we're waiting to find out from is her Step-Dragon. In terms of the law I have to get his written consent to take Miss L out the country. But he is such an obstinate, stubborn, ego-ridden, idiotic, pathetic, pig-headed A-Hole, that we're not putting it past him to say NO. Needless to say, if she can't come we won't go, which will be an almighty blow, but there's no way I could abandon her, and leave her under his pathetic rule. Never fear though, I'm not gonna give in without a fight. Who knows, maybe a second kidnapping is even on the cards. (see here for the first kidnapping)

@ anonymous 2 You'll find the URLs for those Buddhist podcasts towards the bottom of this web page. Just go to my tag cloud and click on "podcasts". Voila!

@ z0tl Doubt we'll land up in Christchurch, but rest assured that if we do, I'll have Buddha Bar playing on my iPod, and be reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Hey... just realised: I'll be leaving the country whith a Y for a flag to go to my new Z land.

Stay tuned.


  1. I understand the hectic and exhausting move. It will be worth it. My recent move from Michigan was sometimes overwhelming. After arriving in Mexico in May we are content.

    No hustle or bustle --- just a NEW life.

    Good Luck!!

  2. It seems the Springboks are the favourites so don't go learning that Maori war chant just yet.

    I myself will be moving at the end of August to a coastal city just over an hour away. We'll be in a three-bedroom first-floor apartment in a secluded area of the campus with friendly neighbours, and once again I'll be able to walk to work. My daughter should love it.

    Selling the house. Hmmm. What you need is my father to paint a watercolour of it that you could hang in your new home. I'm pretty sure he has no plans to visit the RSA though so perhaps you could find a local artist to memorialize your dream home for you. :-)

  3. bloody ms.outlook is my rss should i need one, i'm billy "teh b0rg" gates' beyoatch. where's willbefine? i miss her trannyism:z!

  4. The move before this last one was so-o-o stressful I black out for a week. I have no recollection of how it went down. But this last move was a breeze. I freaked out only once--and I remember it!


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