Friday, August 07, 2009

But what if the coincidences aren't coincidences....

This diagram is from my favourite blog - INDEXED - whose author is a genuis. My interest in this particular venn diagram should come as no surprise. As one who has done his fair share of prophesying (albeit from with a psychiatric ward), the intersection of this particular diagram is right up my street.

However, I'd like to suggest a few tweaks to the diagram - In place of "coincidence" I'll put "facts". That, in itself, is in keeping with the original thrust of the diagram. i.e. the set of insane rantings that also belongs to the set of factual information is where prophesy would be located.

The only difference is that now you are faced with a choice in the intersection.






  1. WillBeFine07 August, 2009

    No, the choice is whether having a prophecy means that you have a true insight to the future and whether or not your prophecy (true or false) is benificial for anyone, including yourelf.

    The prophecy for instance of the Jews waiting for their King seems to have got them a lot of grief!

  2. Hi
    This is not meant as a comment but rather to express my adoration of your site.
    I really want a copy of your book - I live in Cape Town - so how do I get hold of it.
    I am also BP diagnosed and member of user/survivor movement that has the same kind of take you have on things and would love to communicate with you.
    my email is

  3. have you read the Tao of Psychology by Shinoda Bolen or Synchronicity by Peat; strips meaningful coincidence of myth and supplies understanding

  4. @Anonymous - yes, I have read the book by "Shinoda Bolen", which was truly excellent. I haven't read the other though (will look out for it).

    The problem I find is that it's the people we share these personal synchronicities with that are the ones that really need to read the books...

  5. @WillBeFine: you said: "The prophecy for instance of the Jews waiting for their King seems to have got them a lot of grief!"

    I would argue that this belief by the Jews has also given them an incredible strength that has probably served them better over the millennia than all the grief.

    Beneficiality has many aspects...

  6. This rings true with me. I had a blog like you for a couple of years. Many things that I wrote came true a few days/weeks/months after the event. The trouble was it was no good because I had no way of interpreting the insights until after they had happened. ut I do think that there is something in this and we are not just mad.


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