Tuesday, March 09, 2010


The simultaneous application of both these stimuli produces an excessive, or ultramaximal, stimulus as defined by Pavlov, and the result is the ultraparadoxical state of cortical inhibition, with consequent abolition of the clinical symptom of excitement.


  1. In our experimental animals such negativism in our experimental animals was customary. With the conditioned food stimulus we feed the dog but he stubbornly turns away. Another interesting detail is especially marked in the inverse phase. When you remove the food from the dog he now attempts to get it. This can be repeated time after time. But when hypnosis disappears the dog greedily takes the food

  2. You might like Maslow self-actualization thinking.

    Off to conjure a theory as to why so many cool people have -ov or -ow as an ending to a family name.

  3. I've always loved Maslows heirarchy of needs. But I like to turn it on its head - works well that way too...


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