Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Going through the motions

"Just going through the motions" is often a familiar term to depression sufferers. As in: There's no passion, no feeling, no joy - "I'm just going through the motions".

I've started meditating again on a daily basis and at one point, being disappointed as to how my meditation was going, I thought to myself - BPG you're not really meditating - you're just setting the timer, sitting down, and getting up again when the timer goes off.

My mind lingered on this picture and eventually I realised that, hey, maybe going through the motions is the most important part. I mean imagine going for a 20 mile cycle, coming home, and saying "I was just going through the motions". You know, like moving the pedals with my feet...  WTF else are you meant to be doing when you cycle??

Or swimming? Even better Tai Chi (which I also did for a year or 2)? Going through the Tai Chi motions is Tai Chi.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that next time you're feeling flat, and are complaining to yourself that, really, you are just going through the motions - think again! You're probably doing the most important part.


  1. No, really good point.

    Ya know, sometimes I think you have to just keep on going and eventually it won't feel like you are just doing things without any feeling anymore. But you have to keep going to get through that stage, just keep going, just make it through that quick sand.

  2. The alternative to going through the motions? Motionless??

  3. going thru the motions gets alot of stuff done


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