Thursday, October 11, 2012

Value in Depression

Depression sucks, make no mistake. I know this from years of experience. When I'm depressed I can't work, I can't exercise, I don't want to socialise. Just about every single aspect of my life is worse. All I seem to be able to do is eat (way too much) and sleep (way too much).

But I am also learning more and more as the years go by that absolutes don't exist. There is nothing that is 100% bad, even depression. So here are a few potential "silver linings":

  • WISDOM - I read somewhere recently that the wisest people are those that have "seen the same thing from many different perspectives". Being very depressed is its own right a unique perspective that is not accessible to everyone in the world.
  • MEDITATION - I mentioned above that all I can do when I'm depressed is eat and sleep. Actually there's one more thing that seems to go better when I'm depressed - my meditation. Not that I can't meditate when I'm not depressed, but when I'm depressed I just seem that extra bit grounded when meditating.
  • THRIFT - This one is probably limited to BiPolar Depressives. When I'm down I no longer crave stuff, my wishlist loses its appeal and my "money spent on extra stuff" definitely decreases. (Thank the godz for that, as when I'm manic it is literally the polar opposite)
  • RELATIVITY - Ultimately our levels of happiness and our levels of unhappiness define each other. This is an inescapable law of the universe and applicable to non-biolars too. The lower you go, the happier the happiness feels when it comes back. This fact alone often gets me through the short term blips, because I know that when its over, I'm due for some really strong doses of feel-good.
No doubt there's loads of other possible values in depression out there and I'd be really glad to hear them.


  1. Hey Bipolar Guy, Just read the article and think it's a very optimistic view of the reality of depression. 'Normals' (as I like to call them) are very dismissive of depression and it's good points. Depression has it's downfalls though and outweigh the positives in many of the mentally ill in my opinion. It is because of their perspective on the "hurt emotions" they feel. Most who are depressed do not feel optimistic at all because of the depression. I myself, am BP1 also, and try to remain optimistic, but it a struggle sometimes. I force myself to think positive thoughts. Why? I was once told by a psychologist (therapist) that I was a "naturally negative person" indicating there is only "black and white" with personality types. I learned from that information and take part to try and listen to yoga, relaxation, and upbeat music only to make me more positive. Only when I take part in my own mental thought process can I change my perspective. It is hard to do sometimes but I try and succeed most of the time. This is how I cope with depression and thank you for the topic. Just sharing. Respectfully, "Bipolar Brian"

  2. No matter how bad things get I know there is always a branch that will come floating by before you drown. I am optimistic in the believe that I will survive no matter what. Even in dark, cold winters there are always beautiful star filled nights.


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