Sunday, March 05, 2006

Getting Out

Having Miss L living with us has bought some positive changes. For one thing we get out more. Took a stunning drive around Cape Town's Chapmans Peak yesterday (took these 2 pics).

BP Guy is the archetypical Cancerian. A total hermit crab. There is nothing better I like than being holed up at home, in my own space and left to my own devices. Which is not a bad thing. The socially obsessed world looks down on it, but I'm quite comfortable with being a recluse/introvert/loner.

Nevertheless it has been good these past few weeks to get out more. Unlike Dad, Miss L is a total socioholic. She's gotta be surrounded by friends all the time. Not sure where she got it from but it certainly wasn't her mother or me. So every weekend the house is fulled with teenage girls. And I'm actually enjoying it. I can still be left to my own devices (perhaps even more so than before, as socialising with Dad at these times is not cool). But now there are giggles reverberating around the house, scampering feet, busy little people. It gives you a warm kinda glow inside.

You might have noticed that my photos are always peopleless.
No, it's not the loner streak. I can't put photos of myself as I'm the one behind the camera. And, although I have loadsa stunning photos of Miss L, her friends, and Mrs M, I don't think it's fair to splatter them all over the interweb.

Also, when I do take people pics, I prefer taking non-posed people shots. But to do this properly you need a powerful zoom, like a 12 X Optical, so that you can sit far away from your targets without them being aware that they're about to be captured captured digitally. One of those swivelling view screens would be good too, so that you can pretend to be looking in a different direction, whilst actually your lens is pointing slap bang at Target Joe. Sneaky, huh?

I've had my eye on the new digital camera I want for quite a while now. But it's not gonna happen any time soon. Finances are still in a dire situation and, like I said I few posts back, my principle goal right now is to keep what I've got, not get more.

Regarding my comment on Australia the other day: I'd just like to say that your stand-in cricket captain - Adam Gilchrist - has to be one of the most decent sportsmen in the world today. The fact that he voluntarily walked the other day (even though he probably would not have been given out) was a shining example of integrity. And the way he appluded Ntini after the game - was worthy of an appluad itself.

(Not that this will mean much to a whole bunch of my readers, but I had to get it out).


  1. You are correct, sir. A player voluntarily walking although he probably wouldn't have been given out is certainly not baseball, the only game with a bat and a ball that I have played. As for people pics, about the only subject I do take pictures of is my daughter. She's five so I figure she'll want some mementos of what she and dad used to get up to on the weekends. We were at the park yesterday, making faces in one of those big round traffic mirrors they put at tight curves: the same kind of thing that my blogger image shows. There's a link to my personal photo site from my blog, but you're going to have to find it on your own. Happy clicking!

  2. giggling girls are a happy sound to have around- I am glad you get to have that experience


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