Wednesday, October 19, 2005

BiPolar Conversation

I was feeling really down earlier, felt I needed to talk to somebdy, so phoned a family member. The conversation went something like this:

Family member: " Hi, how are you?"
Bipolar guy: "Feeling pretty down"
Family member: (long pause) "Sorry to hear, what do you think has caused it?"
Bipolar guy: "I'm BiPolar"
Family member: "No, I mean what's really caused it?"
Bipolar guy: "The chemicals in my head"
Family member: "But what's caused them to change?"
Bipolar guy: "I told you, I'm BiPolar."
Family member: But there must be something they can do about the chemicals. Why is there a chemical imbalance ?"
Bipolar guy: "Because I inherited it genetically through you guys."
Family member: "I don't get it"
Bipolar guy: "But you read the book on BiPolar I gave to you. That explained the whole thing."
Family member: "Yes I did," (pause...)"I'm just used to everything having a cause and effect."
Bipolar guy: "There is a cause - the chemicals in my head".
Family member: "But there must be something wrong chmically then, if you're feeling this way."
Bipolar guy: "There is something wrong with the chemicals - I told you, I'm BiPolar. How many times have I told you that its not curable, only managable? Have you not yet accepted that I am BiPolar since I was diagnosed last year?"
Family member:"I've definitley accepted it. It's just that..."(pause...) (exasperation) "I guess I just don't understand enough about chemistry..."

Some people just don't get it. Nor do I.


  1. Saying good night, my daughter said, I love you to the universe and back. The irony is that's where I have been. I move between here and where we have been and things to come.

    Yes it is a lonely process but I have always been a loner, single in thought.

    This imbalance has been given to a few, let's make the most of it.

    I see things differently to 99 % of people out there.

    That is a score I am willing to live with.

    To the universe and back. To forwards and backwards in time simultaneously and then the dimension where you saw the two figures while in you car in Dubs.

    Astral. To the universe and back.

    Lucky bugger.

  2. Go 4 it! Seeing things the same as the other 99% is TOTALLY OVER-RATED. We are gifted.


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