Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Take your Pills

Just to clarify yesterday's post - Lamactin isn't the only medication I'm on. I take Fluanxol and Flouxotine (aka Prozac) too. See my previous post.

I've rekindled my interest in Word Art (the animated word manipulation that I do on www.theWORDproject.com). Whilst we're on the subject of pills you might like this piece I did 3 years ago. I've done about 5 new pieces in the last few days too - but I'm holding those back for the launch of the DOG project.

It was a manic phase back in 1999 that kick-started the whole Word Art interest. My brain was screaming along at about 160 miles per hour and I just started seeing all these strnage connections between words and letters. The ability to spot links is a common trait of the manic phase.

I use a programe called Flash (Macromedia) to animate my word manipulations and when I'm on a roll with this stuff it is my greatest passion. But everything is transient in BiPolar Land - the hobbies and interests come and go like the wind. At the beginning of the year I'd lost so much interest in Word Art that I considered closing theWORDproject. Glad I didn't.

My other great passion is reading, especially well written non-fiction on topics I'm interested in. But reading seems to be out of season in BiPolar Land. Last book I read was on my weekend retreat - "Introducing Jung".

But reading will come back. What goes around - comes around. You learn this after a while.

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  1. Sounds like you have developed a fine sense of balance to ride this damn roller-coaster!

    After a while I've found people with bipolar do learn to wait it out. Reading, as you say, will come back. (Jung is, after all, a hard act to follow.)

    We have just published a book on bipolar by Madeleine Kelly that is at once practical and funny; pragmatic and wise. You can see reviews at www.beatbipolar.twotreesmedia.com if you're interested.


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