Monday, December 05, 2005

Recommended BiPolar Resources

Hey Guys

I've been spending a lot of time on the web of late. Seems I've just replaced the tobacco addiction with another addiction. Damnside healthier though.

It's been said before, and I'll say it again - there is an infinite amount of stuff out there. Just the sites devoted to BiPolar would require a week's touring. So I've put together a list of my favourite resources. This isn't limited to websites - it includes books, magazines, rss feeds, forums, chatrooms etc. etc. ANything to do with BiPOlar. You can get there by going to my LINKS section in the right bar =>
or, for this one post only (tra, la, la, laaa), by clicking here.

I've tried to go for quality rather than quantity and have expressed my own opinion/rating where possible. MOST IMPORTANT: This is an ongoing project. As soon as I find anything worthy, I'll add it (for my own future reference, if not everyone else's). Secondly: This is a collaborative project - if any of you guys come across anything interesting in your travels - PLeeez share.

On a fairly even keel today. Which is boring compared to pinks and reds, but a pleasure compared to blues, so I guess it's half a glass full, rather than half a glass empty.


  1. I hear ya with the internet addiction. I am addicted to reading blogs.

  2. are you some kind of weirdo, man? have you not heard they banned me from TIP for being the hypocritical bastard you said i was in reply to goddam jennyrogue? wtf? you been around that site for like a month and all of a sudden you know all about the hypocrisy of members and you think fukkin rogue is some kind of saint needing a break?

    none of them need breaks dood, they're all whiny little fukkers and every time someone calls them to the mat they play the OMG i'm oh so abused card and they end up banning people left and right for destroying the site with their negativity and abusive rants and shit.

    so yeah, i'm off tip man, coz evidently i wuz there to fukkin obliterate the site, i never gave a fuk about anyone.

    anyway, i'll be pondering and a mental site where people are actually focused on MAKING IT, rather than wallowing in their disease.

    and while we're at it, the difference between you and me is:

    you HAVE bipolar!

    i AM bipolar!

    if you could cure bipolar tomorrow you would!

    if they could fuk with my genes and cure me tomorrow, i'd rather KILL THEM, before taking what i AM from me.

    so, that being said, 98% of bipolars fukkin hate my guts and you know why?

    because i happen to be a bipolar 6. yup, go check it out in the dsm-iv. they never ever give that label to anyone, coz unipolar maniax are fukkin special and very distabilizing to the psychiatric establishment that tells you don't go into mania OR you'll pay dearly with infinitely more depression.

    do i know depression? yes, my wife finally taught me that when she dumped my ass after 6 hardcore manic episodes (and just in case you don't know enough about me, i sloooooooow cycle, 6 months normal, 2 months ramp up, 1 to 2 months full blown psychotic, but i function, coz that's what happens with experience, you learn to fool them all).

    so yeah, when my wife dumped me, i hardly could feed myself for 2 months, then i spent 4 more months playing with the noose around my neck, fantasizing about hanging in the woods and have the grizzlies eat my body. then i spent 3 more months to get to maybe a 3 (1 to 10 mood scale), then another 3 months to get to a 5. and now i'm at 5.

    remember when you fukkin shit all over my loony bin lock up story with pics and all telling me how i'm going off the deep end if i don't stop? how long has it been, eh?

    keep telling me, coz like on my mood scale, a 5 is what you likely call a 10 and when i get to 8, you'd prolly label it 100. that is why i keep telling people that at TIP, it's only me and chaos who fly the 747 of maniairplanes, you lita j0kers be cruising around in lita single engine cessnas going around telling everybody how at one with the universe and god you've been.

    well, let's just get over all that solipsitic crappola and abandon the "i have magicalistical special soopapawarz thingy" and THEN my friend, then you'll finally graduate to where you walk with the friendly people from gods, inc. and the not so friendly ones from demons, inc. and you find out there are layers and layers of endarkenment (or for you boring people pursuing the other side of the coin, ok, enlightenment) and you find out you're nuttin special and once you figure that out, then you'll be embraced by those who teach and you'll finally arrive to the realization that the journey of learning never ends and so on and so forth and dust will shine like gold around you and your mind will be tranquil (not fukkin orgasmic) and you will be able to maintain contact with consensus reality longer and longer while you explore the altered states of consciousness and you're still NUTTIN special, but the learning curve is an adventure, so after a while you don't mind having to come back to the plastic, repetitive, idiotic existence our daily grind is, you won't mind the realization that even when you win the rat race, you're still a rat, you'll just BE or UNBE, wherever/whenever you may happen.

    good time:z!

    keep workin' on askin' yourself all the right Y questions and don't give up on your transcendentation studies, there's nowhere to go, but trying to get there surely is fun!

    give it up before it gets too late!

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