Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Lots of synchronicity spontaneously falling into place at the moment. The first concerns a Tarot card I picked about 5 months ago and have been trying to fathom ever since. The card is from the Pythagorean Tarot, a deck I discovered in June's mania.

Many signs spoke to me at the time, but I could never figure out the green lion. Yesterday that ol' lion leapt out at me and took a bite...


  1. *sigh*

    i guess imohave to take you under my wing or sumptin sumptin, man, you must STOP trying to interpret them signz and resolve the riddle of the univerxe. or wait, you live in teh univerye, forgot about that...

    anyway, man, i thought you know douggie adams, didn't he tell ya the minute you figure out the univerye it changes instantly into something even more puzzling, say the univerze?

    chill, dood, relax the watch for synchronicities, stop keeping track of them, stop your impulses to measure and put order into everything, it's the Devyl's job to keep doing that.

    just flow man, flow like the leaf on the river and when the tide from the sea floods the river's banks, don't fret, you might just land on dry land for a while and that ain't bad either, you'll dry out and the wind will blow you into the ocean again and some tsunami will bring you back to a sandy beach with white sand and so on and so forth, man, stop trying to figure it out and get there!

    how many more times do i have to repeat myself that there is nowhere to go and the only thing worth remembering from buddha's teachings is: patience, patience, patience!

    k, fine, one more pointer for you today, the only thing worth remembering from jesus' teachings is: god is all inside you and all around you.

    then there's that small print thingy: thou shalt not judge! but then we're only humAns, so don't fukkin expect me to keep in line with that or anything.

    now then, if you ever bring up another tarot card like it hold the answer to life, the universe, and everything you will get 58 BLOWS TO THE HEAD in the good tradition of Master Hakuin's rinzai zen school.

    don't make me show you the methods of teaching of z sqool of total endarkenment, ok?

    now then, stay tuned on how you may contribute to the joint venture between and your:z humbly.

  2. I hope you will go into more explanation about this. I'm 110% lost. (I know what Tarot cards are) but I don't know about the 'lion'

  3. yeah, explain more please. sorry i haven't been around much lately. tons of my own demons harassing me.

    i have had many tarot card readings. one said i was gay and would come out of the closet only till kill myself at 21. that was many moons ago.

    while i might be bi-curious, that's as accurate at that reading was. but you know, i worried about that for YEARS! speaking from experience, i say ignore it, but we all know that you can't do that just as i couldn't for a long time.

    smooches, bipolar man...

  4. very good mah man, your getting involved at TIP and volunteering to actually DO stuff as opposed to my style which is always talk about what others SHOULD DO is much appreciated.

    as much as what lately has been conveyed as z0tl, the psychopath, which btw is stuff that rips even my titanium heart to shreds, especially since it's being done by those who have been around me long enough to know my assholeness extraoridnaire skillz and my endarkened nature (especially when it comes to sarcastic humor, etc), it turns out that z-entities care very much indeed about TIP, they just don't care to equate the community with the goddam founders, that's all.

    just coz you start an online community (3 years ago) which wuz largely dead and still is when compared to behemoths like, DOES NOT MEAN you ARE that community and it's your VIEWS or the highway.

    so keep up the good w0rk, you're doing great, you CAN help, altho many a time you're pretty lousy with your hare brained ideas, but some of them, as much as it pains me to admit, are quite ummm good, because the w0rd brilliant (as well as the sign off "mad love") just make me wanna puke in general.

    to sum up: keep up the good w0rk or you will get a goddam green dragon chewing at your y-shaped tail!

    as mon capitain will say: ENGAGE!

    and if you think the q continuum was anything special, don't make me show you what the z continoom is all about. tunndunndunn!


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