Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just 4 Fun

As you fly
And paint the sky
Carve the wind
With purple wings
You pull the strings
Of my soul

For in your flight
I take delight
You take me to
A special place
Blue sky playground
Open space

And we are one
As I hang on
I feel the rush
Of wind about
I want to shout
So very loud

For as you fly
Great bird up high
As you swoop and dive
Soar and glide
With style and grace
You touch the face
Of heaven

As you ride each gust
With wanderlust
Surf the breeze
Seagulls tease
I'm still on land
Toes in sand
But I fly too..



  1. I love the casual, rhythmic quality of the poem, and especially the turn at the end, how you bring it down to yourself. No pun intended. :)

  2. sounds like you had a great time flying your kite- I'm glad

  3. Hey that's good ... keep them toes planted in the sand, and fly and feel free.

    Heard a small child say once looking at clouds. "Those clouds look so beautiful, I could bite my toes".

  4. I really like that. I'm so glad you're having a pink day. Take 'em while they're here, you know?

  5. Nice. I've had plenty of kite-flying days myself. One thing I hate is when it crashes and I have to ravel the string back and go find it and get it going again. That is bizarrely bipolar, and I really wasn't trying.
    Vive the pink. It's always good to be wrapped up in it.


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