Monday, April 24, 2006

Want this to last...

Our beach was cold 'n grey yesterday with squalls of rain coming off the South Atlantic. Every now and then the sun snuck into a little hole in the clouds and shimmered on the sea.

BP Guy donned his old mountain hiking jacket, pulled the zip right up his chin, and tied the hood down tight over his cap. Man, it was stunning. All bundled up warm and sweating inside from the brisk walk, the wind and rain lashing on the outside.

Ok, so I guess I've been skirting along the borders of hypomania this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday nights I couldn't get to sleep - too wired up and too many brilliant (at least I thought so) ideas flying around my head. Yesterday morning we had a family get2gether, an old uncle of mine, my cousin, sister, Miss L and friend, Miss L's gran and Mrs M. And all I wanted to do was take centre stage. Kept butting into everyone's converstaions. Whatever anybody said, I had some profound angle on the topic that I just had to share. Trust me, "Pretty-Shitty" and "Got-a-Gun" never act this way. Not even sure that "Halfway House" does. Fortunately they were all family, so they still love me.

And then there was the music. Every dang track I listened to sounded like the finest song I've heard in yonks. And the urge to buy kicked in real strong. Did some serious Windows Shopping TM and there's so much I just gotta have RIGHT NOW. A 60 gig iPod. Table tennis. A dart board. A trailor for our next camping trip (I've even measured up where it's gonna park). And DEFINITELY some new rain pants. I am now, officially an all-weather hiker, and with winter underway these are 100% essential.

My psychiatrist would say that right about now I should be a little concerned. Well you know what? FCK the damn psychiatrist. If this moodstate can get me out into the freezing rain for 50 minutes of healthy excercise (when "HalfwayHouse" and less can't even make it on a bright summer's day), then I want this present frame of mind to last forever.


  1. maniac, brainiac, king of the day
    you're the miracle jesse jay.

    happy winter trail:z!

  2. Many times you relate things that match my actions to a T. Have never been formally diagnosed but beginning to believe that I must be BPII.

  3. Yeah, that happens to me too. I know that I'm starting to get manic when every song I hear is the BEST song I've ever heard - I'm SO into music. When my meds are working TOO well, I'm not even interested and listen to news radio - blah.

    I thought I was the only one.


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