Monday, May 29, 2006

In the Dumps

Feel like I actually never woke up 100% today. Round about 55% maybe. Work is just not gonna happen. I hope to fck this latest streak of blues is just a temporary blimp on the otherwise excellent month.

Even my playing around with customizing Google Home Page went all fckn wrong. Great concept I thought and started adding modules and modules and modules. But I ran into trouble early. First was the Stock Chart module which gives a neat little graph of whatever stock it is you're watching. All you have to do is add the 4 letter stock symbol. Fine. Problem is I want to watch the price of Brent Crude. If there is one financial indicator which has the greatest influence on the planet right now it's the oil price. And you don't need to major in economics to work that one out. SO WHAT THE FCK IS THE 4 LETTER CODE FOR BRENT CRUDE???? About 50 google searches later, a cupple yahoo searches and even some MSN searches I had managed to find the 4 letter symbol for every fkcn stock on the NYSE. Oil Price? Not a fck.

Wanna make money? Set up a website selling any damn thing you want and laden it it with these keywords: "STOCK CHART SYMBOL BRENT CRUDE".

Next was the little live weather module. Just enter your city. Cape Town...easy. "Information not available". Probably the guys that designed this little widget have never even heard of Cape Town.

Then there was the module. I just wanted the link to NOT 4 LINES OF GODDAM top tags in the last hour!!!!! And why the fck isn't there a blogger module so I can post striaght from my homepage to Blogger???

OK so the webcam module is really cool. Realtime photos of whatever you want right there on your homepage. Problem is: I don't use a webcam.

And then it dawned on me: I can never switch home pages even if I wanted to. My homepage points at my commercial site (the one that's gonna sell for a million bucks remember). Gotta monitor it all times, no matter how right google gets their one together.

Go Ogle people. Go Ogle. And Live on OD.

Oh yeah, and click on "view this on your mobile" (on the google personalised home page and you get:



Not FoundThe requested URL /mobile/personalized/promo.html was not found on this server.

Sloppy Larry, real sloppy...


  1. Lot of things are going to be hard right now, but hold on. They will get better sooner or later. "The race is not to the swiftest...."

  2. Google is a pretty darn good search engine, but I don't even use their maps anymore... is so much better.


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