Sunday, April 29, 2007


Spent about 15 hours on my flickr account this weekend (so far). I'm not even taking new photos, just digging through ones I've taken the past 4 years. And I've developed this new "Zen" approach - simplify, simplify, simplify. So just by a bit of selective cropping I'm actually making a whole whack of new (and I think better) photos. I've joined a few Minimalism groups on Flickr too. Man, I'm loving this. I've really missed this hobby. So cool to be involved with image and design for a change, rather than words, words, words...

The above photos, by the way, were taken at a spiritual retreat center Mrs M and I stayed at way back in the beginning of this blog


  1. i would like some spiritual affirmation please, i'm so very insecure, in bed, standing or sleeping, pogo sticking or otherwise, not much to say really... thas Y!

  2. sometimes you do amaze me how clueless you think i may be, i mean i am, but still... i saw scanner darkly twice and read it too before that.


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