Saturday, April 28, 2007

Money, Happiness, Fame

One of the boardgames I played as a kid was Careers. A monopoly format game, before embarking around the board you had to designate your own formula to win. The winner needed to get 60 points, made up of money points, fame points, and happiness points. But you could choose in what combination you wanted those points. You could have, for example, 40 points money, 10 points happiness and 10 points fame. Or even 60 points fame, nothing else. In other words: you had to choose what you wanted out of your short life.

Then you proceeded around the board diverting into certain career paths where you picked up money, fame or happiness points as you went.

I've been thinking about the Careers boardgame a bit lately, and definitely it holds some lessons for life. You gotta decide what you want out of life. And the things you want don't always overlap.

But then I thought more about the Money, Happiness, Fame choice, and something struck me. I can understand why someone would want money (DUH!). And happiness (DUH!).


Money and happiness are an essential need. One could argue that fame could indirectly bring money, but its not guaranteed, and if its money you're after there are surely loads of easier ways to get it. Happiness? I reckon the majority of famous people would tell you that fame does not neccessarily lead to happiness (often the opposite).

So why fame? Why this seductive allure? I mean why do people invest so much fckn effort into garnering fame (especially as it is unlikely to bring money or happiness). What is this need in us? OK so deep down we've all got a little part that wants to be noticed, wants their voice to count. But WHY?

Isn't it just feeding an insecurity? Like: we don't really count unless lots of people are counting us? Our art is meaningless unless loadsa people are seeing it? As are our blog posts?

Seems like we are desperate for affirmation. Which kinda suggests that we cannot sufficiently affirm ourselves from within. Why not? What is lacking, that we can only accept ourselves as OK if somebody else says we're OK ?

Am I missing something here?


  1. yes. you are missing the 'been there done that' factor and what the hell left is there to do once you have a boatload of money and are happy but to chase power and fame?

    nah, i phrased it all stupid and wrong, but it's a very simple thing: most people always wanna have anything else but what they already have.

    if you're money driven, once you have the money, usually your desires will be centered around power and fame, methinks, i mean how would i know, i've never been rich, nor am i really money driven [anymore], tho i was for a long time and lemme tell ya, it made me miserable as all shit.

    anyhoo, best way to live is to want eggsactly what you already have. tend to your needs and forget your wants, stuff like that, i dunno, drop your expectations, then anything that comes your way is a blessing.

    ahhh, enough of this sappy boolshyat! go ride with teh bull:z in spain or something.

  2. Great post. It really makes you think. I think fame in life culminates from many subgroups and is not necessary a lofty goal of fame. Like attention, affirmation, acknowledgement, repute, status, reputation, etc, etc. I think that everyone needs a little affirmation to feel secure. But as you said, why is that? We must then assume that we inherently are born insecure. We need nurturing in infancy and early childhood. This isn’t just mere bonding with others so you get the essential food and shelter. There is a need for love. There have been many case studies about children that don’t get love early in life. They are usually maladjusted emotionally. Show I think we seek fame because we need it. Some more so than others obviously. Great post.

  3. Need for fame ensures that man will remain a social animal. Sometimes it goes awry and it makes man its slave, but that's another story.

  4. I think alot of people assume that money comes along with the fame. Stephen King is famous- he definetly has money coming in with his fame. His fame assures that no matter what he writes its going to sell. Actors- fame- as long as they stay famous - just their name can assure that their movies are going to be seen......... for a while anyway..... I think some people associate financially security, opportunities with fame.

  5. I just wanted to say that I saw this boardgame for the first time last month. I didn't know that it existed before then!

    Regarding the actual topic, I don't want to be famous per se, but I would still like to leave my mark. I would like people to remember me, to know who I am and what I did, and I would like to make a difference. I guess making a difference is much more important to me than people giving me credit for doing so.


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