Monday, April 02, 2007

Who should you disclose your BiPolarhood to?

Yeah, I'm putting this poll to rest to. It hasn't been going long and doesn't have that many votes but I'm just thinking WTF with the results anyway. As Sarah said: What is the accuracy with these polls anyway, the way us dudes go up and down. One answer today, another tomorrow.

But I still think polls that ask pretty definite sort of questions are useful. So, in place of the one I'm removing, I'm adding a new one:

I am BiPolar and get headaches:

  • More often than most
  • Less often than most
  • Average
To vote in the poll you'll need to go to my right bar -> . This poll, I'm thinking, WILL give a meaningful answer - I mean you either get headaches or you don't, regardless of what curve of the wave you are on.

As to the "Disclosure Poll", the last thing that I'd like to say about it before casting into the archives never to return, is that this is the second poll of mine which I, BPG, was in the vast minority. I fell into the 7% answer which tells me I'm more "out the closet" than most of the other voters. Not sure if this is a good thing or bad???

PS: My blog layouts been acting kind of weird lately. First the flickr photo from 2 posts ago didn't come out, and now the poll I just loaded is formatting strange. Is it strange in your browser too? Are you guys also having formatting issues with blogger?


  1. I retooled my blog template several months ago to try to accomodate wider photos and it left the cream background a little wider than the parchment pattern. I recently readjusted it back and it looks perfect on my iBook but on the PC at work it's still askew and the border texture on the brown is completely absent. Perhaps Blogger's not as far out of beta as we all assumed.

    By the way, the 'd' from 'Bipolarhood' is concealed behind the 'Leave your comment' gray block on this very page, on the iBook.

  2. no shit man dood u worry re: me whoa watt? angkor!

    anyhoo, intellectualizing about meditation for years and years won't do as much as a hardcore 2 days intensive can do.

    i shall be back with youtubes mebbe talkin about it, mebbe not; i also hope on april 28th when there'll be another meditation intro taught at the zen temple i go to that they'll let me youtube it.

    hang tight!

  3. sometimes i feel the need to confess it, like it's some sort of horrible sin. fuck, i didn't ask for it.

  4. My opinion on this and the previous matter is pretty constant, though I might be tempted to think or say differently when overly...excited. :)

    Only a couple of family members know and youse guys.

  5. My family knows and understands, but no-one else can actually be trusted with that much information, in my book.

    Google "Rick Wellwood" and click on the first listing, etc, to read about how freaked-out "normal" people get when they discover a hockey-player's dad is bipolar.


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