Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My TO READ list

Kodeureum asked what books I'm reading:

Turning the mind into an ally Recommended by the Buddhist podcast I listen to, this is an excellent book on meditation. Author living in US - son of an exiled Tibetan spiritual elder. Nearly finished this book.

The spell of the sensuous Read this one several years ago, but want to revisit a few chapters: "The forgetting and remembering of the air" & "Edmund Husserl and Phenomenology".

The Tao of photography Gave this book to my dad on his birthday. With my increased participation in photography, this one is in the very centre of my mindspace right now.

Why Lazarus Laughed: The Essential Doctrine, Zen--Advaita--Tantra I've got a Buddhist quote widget on my iGoogle page. And for the past few weeks I've been seeing some AMAZING quotes. Every time I look to see who uttered it, I get the same guy - Wei Wu Wei. Absolutely have to read this guy.

Altered Carbon You could never call yourself a true geek without a little SciFi thrown in. Haven't read this author yet, but heard that he's the 21st century William Gibson (my alltime scifi hero)

Not sure if I'll ever get around to reading them all. My TO READ list is a dynamic list ordered in rank of priority and it fluctuates as much as my moods. No doubt something else will pop up and leapfrog some of the others...

PS: WillBeFine - yes, there are meds for shaking - Beta Blockers - particularly Inderal. But they didn't work for me. Besides, they've got their whole own host of side-effects, so where does it end? Infinity within finity :)


  1. My TBR-pile is reaching near catastrophic proportions. But I like it that way. :)

  2. y'know, i always meant to read the spell of the sensuous, but i think when i moved i got rid of it because i thought "who am i kidding, i'm never going to get around to this..."

    so many books, so little motivation.

  3. tell us more about tantra in teh context of mrs. M?

  4. That seems like a pretty meta-philosophical reading list. I'm more romantic-historical in my tastes. Prior to Genghis Khan I read Night and Day by Virginia Woolf, and my next read is either Istanbul by Orhan Pamuk (I dig the prize-winning authors) or Don Quixote. I know, I should have read Don Quixote before I did the ballet but I was too busy rehearsing falling asleep on stage.

    The only crime people need to worry about in South Korea is embezzlement and fraud, by the way. Deserted country roads are quite safe.


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