Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wouldn't it be simpler just to be me...

The identity fragmentation continues. Here's who I am:

  • Frames-of-Mind on my Flickr photo account
  • Versionz on my Flickr account for doctored photos
  • Here_and_Now on Twitter. God forbid that I get active on Twitter! I'm addicted enough to normal blogging without starting to micro-blog 5 times a day
  • Christopher, BiPolar Guy or 4told on Amazon. Amazon's personal profile page is messy, so I pop up as various names in various sections of their site
  • EyeSpy on Bookcrossing (don't really go there anymore)
  • Christopher or Y on
  • BiPolar Guy here, although that may even change one of these days as I continue with Project Metamorphosis.
And that's before I even get into my strictly-biz accounts. Like I've got 3 accounts: a master account and then one that siphons out to BiPolar Guy, and another that siphons out to my strictly-biz account.

Sheesh, its getting confusing. Cos then you gotta start thinking who knows about which account and who doesn't. Like some people that visit me on Flickr don't know I'm BiPolar and I don't want them to. Oops...did I list my BiPolar Etcetera link on my Flckr account??

Can't wait for the day that I have just ONE goddam account. (I've checked, my name is available). No hiding "this from that person" and "that from the next". No clutter. One day, if I ever get to that stage, I will know for sure that I'VE FINALLY ARRIVED.


  1. I managed to get on the first few pages of my real name vanity search by joining the Playwright's Guild of Canada, but kodeureum is almost all me except for the racehorse of the same name.

  2. Anonymous10 May, 2007

    There is always some smart arse who will find out the real you! In identity at least, but the REAL real you.. who knows???

  3. hahaha man you move evah so sloooooooowly and all this separation of madness and you and concerns, bleh!


  4. Amazing blog you have! I've bookmarked you and I just thought you'd like to know who's reading

  5. As you know I have this issue myself, so I can really appreciate the idea of having just one nick for everything. But it's never gonna happen. And that's ok.

    At least it keeps my brain on its toes. :)


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