Saturday, May 19, 2007


  • An observation: Twitter is to Blogger, as SMS is to email
  • Kodeureum : Yes, all other posts have dissapeared from this page. I'm working on a Blogger hack to make more widget space. Got some code to implement a 3 column blog but only got it to work on a new trial blog. But if you look a bit below this post you'll see the word "test". Watch that space!
  • Zotl yeah, you've sent me to that blog before. Trust me - I'm not short on ideas - I'm short on implementation.
    "In theory there is little difference between theory & practice, but in practice there is" - Yogi Berra. (who is this Yogi Berra dude? He's like the most enlightened westerner I've ever come across)
  • Jamzer - My bumper sticker : "Watch out for the Idiot behind me". (I'll post a photo some time. my car is a 1984 model, so it's not too pretty)
  • Sarah Yep, Facebook has been on the radar for some time. But those kinda sites seem to work best with your meatspace network, and I'm not really active much in that world any more. (BTW: there's a rumour that facebook is looking at Twitter)
  • Amanda I wouldn't totally rule out bumping into you on the Twit one of these days...
  • Must try do me some work this morning: Wayy behind again after the last 2 weeks daliances.
  • Physio appointment yesterday was awesome. Good to get back in touch with your body every now and then. She's teaching me to sit on a ball now - want to one day sit on a ball fulltime at the cmptr. Great passive excersise. And good for meditation posture too.
  • The country of Estonia has been subjected to a crippling cyber-attack. Warfare 2.0?
  • One of South African rugby's finest moments this afternoon.
  • Etc, etc....


  1. Those gym balls are a great alternative to chairs. I really should get one too. :)

  2. Anonymous19 May, 2007

    Hi. Been reading your blog daily for the past month or so (since I was diagnosed BP2). Immensely enjoy reading your thoughts and stories.

    I'm thousands of miles away, in Tampa, Florida...interesting that we are all beautifully interconnected.

    I've learned a lot here at your site and it has provided me much comfort as I learn to fully grasp, understand and deal with the demons I have faced for 39 years.

    Thanks for your candor, humor and openness.


  3. Yogi Ber(r)a was the catcher and later manager or coach for the NY Yankees, if I'm not mistaken, but why not check wikipedia?

    I got bored watching that space so I decided to post a comment.

  4. Just read your comment on my blog. I know water swirls the other way down the drain but does the sun also rise in the west in Seth Efrica? :-)


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