Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Powered by Music

Said it before, and I'll say it again: music is a godsend for depression.

Just think of all the cool concerts you went to in your life. What made them cool? What was at the centre of them? What were they all about?
Answer: They were about the emotions. The euphoria. The mood. Yep, music is a direct connection to the emotions. More so than anything else I can think of.

I'm learning more and more that the one really beneficial thing that I can do when I'm down is listen to music. For starters it is effortless. Totally. But even though it is effortless there is a sense that you are participating rather than being totally detached. And any loneliness you might be feeling is eased a little, as you are no longer alone, you are accompanied by voices.

And there is such a range at your disposal.  The eskimos have thirty different words to describe snow. Why ? Cos they spend so much friggin time in it. Well when  you spend as much time as I do in a depressed state you'll also know that there are a myriad of different types of depression. And I guarantee that for every one, somewhere in your music collection there is one album, one track, that will make you a feel a little better for listening to it.


  1. Anonymous06 July, 2006

    I live alone, don't have a television. Yes, TV is banned. I feel that I am being sucked down into the mindless tube! So I always have the radio on listening to the news and general day to day discussions. I like the noise of people talking in the room. Music is something I identify with feeling high. I want to listen to music and my DAB radio scans the airways looking for suitable sounds or a select one of the 700 tracks I have downloaded. Shhhh... don't tell anyone. I agree with you, I should moderate the music to my mood, play it more often when I am low. But not THE SMITHS... :)

  2. Santana does it for me

  3. You know I have been so depressed that while riding in the car on the way to a concert ( I couldnt possibly drive myself being that depressed) my head was laying on the window. It was just to much effort to hold it up. The depression was that bad. But once we were inside and the music started I came to life. Outside again, depression returned of course. But as long as the band was playing...................

  4. I'm constantly listening to music, and I agree, it is helpful for long as you're not listenting to something that's going to trigger it further (which I tend to do and end up smothering myself in a pool of darkness). But there are times I do the right thing and listen to something upbeat to ease the sadness.


  5. I've just purchased a tiny marvel: a cd player - clock radio with detached speakers that plays MP3s. I'm currently listening to one CD-ROM that contains recordings I made of fourteen old LPs of mine: Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, King Crimson, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. It could play for ten hours before it repeats! Bliss! And it has a remote!

  6. It's also my art of choice. BPG knows this already, but you can't confine yourself to a single genre, there is so much good stuff out there to match every frame of mind. Don't look for it on the radio either, unless you have a good independant or college station there won't be much worth hearing.

  7. music is the universal language

    all disEase is due to a colossal loss of music in our lives, keep playing it. . making your own music is even better. . it's a matter of raising the vibrations.

    I now see depression as the gateway to creativity. . or, always have a huge creative bout after I have fallen silent. . like my brains are getting programmed on some other level of consciousness.

    Also, I think it is the universe's way holding us back to not get ahead of the cosmic plan.

    it is not important at this time to do any with what you comes to mind. . record and keep track. . and already doing that. . .
    all the creative genius which is suppressed through schooling, is just aching to bubble back into focus. . .

  8. sid hit it for me. i gravitate immediately to music whenever feeling onset oncoming, but almost always default to muisc that takes me deeper (Lucinda W Johnny C, Axel, Cat Power). It makes the slide smoother but tends to give me ideas i don't need or want. Strongly sugggest avoiding Johnny cash's "I'll Fly Away." Just about did me in.



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